Ne Tax – 100,000 sign petition saying NO to NATO

Original Story

To January 26 (16th day of signature collection), 15 initiative groups of electoral coalition “Ne Tak!” have collected more than 100,000 signatures against Ukraine’s entrance to NATO.

On January 25, head of all-Ukrainian movement “Women for future” (part of “Ne Tak!”) Valentina Dovzhenko met with Crimean students and presented the coalition to them, informs a REGNUM correspondent. She explained the meaning of the coalition name — “Ne Tak!” (“Not this way” – contrary to the “TAK!” coalition led by President Yushchenko). She said that lots of things in Ukraine are conducted in the wrong way. She told that only 2 million hectares have been sowed this year, instead of previous 8 million, and that is wrong. Regular pensions have been raised by 12%, but pensions to the ministers in 6.7 or even 8 times, and that is wrong. The GDP rate increase lowered 5 times without any reasons, production capacity lowered 4 times, light industry, mechanical engineering transportation, capital building showings lowered, and that is all wrong, said Dovzhenko.

She stressed that deputies from “Ne Tak!” will fight with all these wrong things. She said that she sees Ukraine as a united (not federative), non-allied country without nuclear weapons, within the United Economic Space with Russia, Byelorussia and Kazakhstan. Members of the coalition hope that in Crimea their idea of the referendum against Ukraine entrance to NATO will be supported by at least 368,000 voters.


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