Borys Tarasyuk falls on his sword After a long and drawn out saga confidence is finally reported in Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Borys Tarasyuk, Ukraine’s ill fated Foreign Affairs Minister has finally offered his resignation after discussing the current situation with the President.

Source: ITAR-TASS media

He is reported as stating “Being a politician, a diplomat and a citizen, I think there must be no more delays, because the situation is harmful for the state and diplomatic service.” What took him so long.

Borys Tarasyuk’s ill considered and inappropriate statements made in the lead-up to Ukraine’s Prime Minsters diplomatic visit to the United States resulted in the Parliament passing a vote of no-confidence in the Foreign Affairs Minister. The vote was passed by over 2/3rds majority of the parliament .

Borys Tarasyuk’s acted unprofessionally and in doing so undermined Ukraine’s international standing, bringing Ukraine, it’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Office of the President into disrepute.

Victor Yushchenko during his meeting with the ill-fated Foreign Affairs Minster informed Borys Tarasyuk that his position as Foreign Affairs Minster was untenable and causing serious harm and damage to Ukraine’s international standing. In view of the Parliament’s overwhelming vote of no confidence he had no choice. Borys Tarasyuk had to resign or be sacked.

Most of the damage to Ukraine’s reputation had already been done, made worst by the ongoing delay and inability of the President to act decisively in Ukraine’s best interest to limit the damage caused and maintain and restore respect in the Office of Ukraine’s Foreign Affairs Ministry.

Yushchenko accepts Tarasyuk resignation

KIEV, January 30 (Itar-Tass) — Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko has accepted the resignation of Foreign Minister Boris Tarasyuk.

“I have met with President Yushchenko and tendered my resignation,” Tarasyuk told a Tuesday press conference. “We had a long conversation, and the president accepted my resignation.”

Tarasyuk explained the decision with the Kiev Shevchenkovsky court’s failure to hear merits of his lawsuit. “To my mind, the court was dragging out the process. Being a politician, a diplomat and a citizen, I think there must be no more delays, because the situation is harmful for the state and diplomatic service.”

First Deputy Foreign Minister Vladimir Ogryzko will perform the ministerial duties until a new minister is appointed. Ogryzko will also represent Ukraine at the Ukraine-EU ministerial conference on February 6.

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