Preffered President – Poll

Publication Source: Angus Reid Global Monitor – Viktor Yanukovich would defeat several other politicians in Ukraine’s next presidential election, according to a poll by the Ukrainian Institute of Sociology and the Social Monitoring Centre. 27 per cent of respondents would vote for the current prime minister and leader of the Party of Regions (PR).

Polling Data

Question: Which of these candidates would you vote for in the next presidential election?

Viktor Yanukovych 27% (PoR)
Yulia Tymoshenko 20% (BYuT)
Viktor Yushchenko 10% (OU)
Petro Symonenko 7% (CPU)
Yuri Lutsenko 4% (NP)
Oleksandr Moroz 3% (SPU)
Against all 7%
Undecided 9%
Would not vote 6%
Unkown 7%

Source: Ukrainian Institute of Sociology / Social Monitoring CentreMethodology: Interviews with 2,118 Ukrainian adults, conducted in February and March 2007. No margin of error was provided.


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