Yulia Tymoshenko under investigation for possible contempt of court and interference with the course of justice in Ukraine

The Ukrainian Prosecutor-Generals Office has opened a criminal investigation into allegations that officials have illegally pressured Constitutional Court justices, RFE/RL’s Ukrainian Service reported.

Comments recently made by Yulia Tymoshenko outside the constitutional Court could constitute Contempt of Court and a deliberate attempt to intimidate and theatern Constitutional Court Judges.

Yulia Tymoshenko following the decision of Ukraine’s Constitutional Court to consider the merits of the Government’s appeal against Viktor Yuschenko, Ukraine’s President, decree dismissing Ukraine’s democratically elected parliament, called on Viktor Yuschenko to withdraw his nominees from the Court.

Yulia Tymoshenko in hear speech attacked the decision of the Court and claimed that the Court was corrupt. She failed to provide any evidence or statements backing up her claim.

Yesterday, Yabloko party leader Mykhailo Brodskyi claimed that Yulia Tymoshenko has asked him for USD 3 million to bribe judges of the Constitutional Court.

Ukraine’s Prosecutor-General, Viktor Pshonka, said his office was looking into whether laws were broken when demonstrators tried to prevent judges from entering the court on April 18. “The capture of the Constitutional Court building which was aimed at disrupting the court’s normal functioning,” Pshonka said. “We also will be considering additional claims of interference into the judges’ activities in order to obstruct them from exercising their official duties or make them pass illegal resolutions.”

Earlier Yesterday, Volodymyr Shapoval, who is Yushchenko appointed liaison to the Constitutional Court, announced that he will resign from the constitutional Court after the court makes a ruling on the dissolution of parliament.

Ukrainian Deputy Yuriy Myroshnichenko in response to the news of Shapovals notice of resignation stated that “Shapoval demonstrated his disagreement with Yushchenko position… acting like a true expert”


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