Opposition Resignations Provide Legal Ground for Fresh Parliamentary Elections

June 16, 2007

The formal recognition of over 151 member’s resignation from Ukraine’s Parliament has provided the president the legal basis, under Ukraine’s Constitution, for calling of fresh parliamentary elections.

Notwithstanding issues related to the constitutionality of president’s decrees — Viktor Yushchenko’s unwarranted and illegal attack on Ukraine’s democratic institutions, the judiciary and the date chosen for fresh elections — the time has come for all political forces to accept the terms of the agreement made in May and begin campiagning for support at the September poll.

Whilst it is technically possible under the current circumstances to fill any vacancies that have resulted from the opposition’s resignations by the remnants of electoral list registered at the time of the 2006 parliamentary elections would be morally and politically wrong.

Olexandr Moroz should now accept, in good faith, the agreement reached in May. Failure to do so would only result in further decline in the Socialist Party’s support and Moroz’s own personal standing.