The Trust Factor: Who’s Trusted and Who’s Not?

Ukranews has published an interesting poll showing who is trusted and who is not in Ukrainian Politics.

Once again Ukraine’s Prime-minister, Viktor Yanukovych, (45%/51%) is ahead the pack with Ukraine’s President, Viktor Yushchenko, (36/60%) trailing behind in the polls.

Populist Opposition Leader Yulia Tymoshenko (35%/62%) is just behind Yushchenko followed by Mykola Azarov (33%/41%) and then Olenandr Moroz (33%/61%)

Not one politician exceeded the 50% majority (Which is not surprising, very few politicians enjoy a 50% or more trust rating – Russia’s President, Putin who is rated 55% to 60% would have to be an exception rather then the rule)

Graph showing precentage of Trust and Distrust

What is also interesting to look at is the spreed between trust and distrust. The greater the spreed the more negative the perception. With a spreed of 44%, Opposition Bloc spokesperson, Natalia Vitrenko (23%/67%) is rated worst then any other politician followed by Yuri Yekhanurov (25%/60%); Viktor Baloha, (17%/46%) Our Ukraine and leader of the dissident breakaway party People’s Self-defence, Yuri Lutsenko (32%/60%).

Graph showing spreed between Trust and Distrust


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