Polls Polls Every Where A Poll One more poll published today- you be the Judge

Ukrayinska Pravda has published another poll this one shows a similar result to previous polls. The Ukrayinska pravda poll was conducted by the Democratic Initiatives Fund and Ukraine Sociology Service Company conducted a survey among 2000 respondents aged over 18 throughout Ukraine with the following result:

Poll Results % of population

Party of Regions, 33.3%
Our Ukraine, People’s Self Defense bloc, 16.9%
Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc gained, 16.9%
Lytvyn’s People’s Bloc, 1.6%
Socialist Party, 1.3%
Progressive Socialist Party, 1.2%
National Democratic Party, 0.8%
Social Democratic Party (united) 0.3 %

2.9% of respondents will support nobody and 19.2% are undecided.

The above data represent 91% of eligible voters

Translated into possible seats in Parliament this represents

Translated into possible seats

Party of Regions (PoR), 206
Our Ukraine, People’s Self Defense bloc (OU), 104
Bloc Yulia Tymoshenko (BYuT), 104
Communists Party of Ukraine (CPU), 35
The survey was conducted between June 19 and July 2.
The margin of error is 2.2%.


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