Poll Indicates Balance of Power in the Hands of Ex-Parliamentary Speaker Lytvyn

Another poll has been published this week. (19 July, 2007)
Source UNIAN

The outcome of this poll shows that the government would receive the lions share of the vote with a possibility of ex-parliamentary speaker Lytvyn party holding the balance of power and securing 18 seats.

Ukraine’s President, Viktor Yushchenko’s Party Our Ukraine (OU) combined with the People’s Self Defence Party (PSD) have not really picked up much support following their recent announcment that they will run as a single partuy bloc. OU/PSD combined vote actually dropping one percentage point.

The poll indicates a voter participation rate of 92% which is very optimistic.

Poll Statistics Publication Date 19-Jul-07
Party/Value   % Poll % Vote % Seats
Poll All-Ukrainian Poll
PoR 28.5% 30.7% 187
BYuT 20.3% 21.9% 133
OU * 11.6% 12.5% 76
CPU 5.3% 5.7% 35
PSD * 0.0% 0
SPU 2.0% 2.2% 0
NVB 0.0% 0
LB 2.8% 3.0% 18
UP 0.0% 0
Others/Unkown 22.2% 23.9%
(Including Informal)
Particpation Rate   92.7% 100.0% 450
No Vote 7.3%
Gov (PoR+CPU) 222
Opp (OUPSD+BYuT) 210
Lytvn Bloc 18


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