Poll: 64% Ukrainian citizens speak for Viktor Yushchenko’s resignation

Center for Sociological and Marketing Research SOCIUM conducted a survey called “Social and Political Problems in today’s Ukraine. Situation and prospects of development.” 12,690 respondents all over Ukraine were questioned. The respondents were asked to answer 38 questions. SOCIUM sent the results of the survey to REGNUM. Below, you can see information about social and political attitudes of the Ukrainian population.

So, 55.4% assess negatively consequences of the Orange Revolution. 11.4% have the opposite view. 14.1% are more negative than positive about the outcomes of the Orange Revolution, 11.1% are neutral, 8% are more positive than negative about it.

Answering the question whether financial position of a respondent has changed and how, 42% said nothing changed; 30.3% state their financial position worsened, 26.1% believe their life improved, 1.6% gave other answers.

The survey also checked confidence rates of Ukrainian political leaders. It turned out that Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich has the highest confidence rate: 33.3% trust him fully, 22.3% more trust than do not, 10.1% more distrust him than trust, 22.5% distrust him fully, 11.8% found it difficult to answer. He is followed by:

Pyotr Simonenko, Ukrainian Communist Party leader, — 14.3% (22.6%; 10.4%; 27%; 25.7% correspondingly);

Rinat Akhmetov, Member of the Ukrainian Supreme Rada — 11.8% (19%; 7.8%; 27.8%; 33.6%);

Yulia Timoshenko, leader of BYT, — 10.6% (13.4%; 8.1%: 58.1%; 9,8%);

Viktor Yushchenko, President of Ukraine – 8.2% (10.3%; 11.0%; 58.6%; 11.9%);

Alexander Moroz, Speaker of the Ukrainian Supreme Rada – 5.9% (16.5%; 17.8%; 31.9%; 27.9%).

According to results of the survey, if the elections to the Supreme Rada were held next Sunday, 41.4% of voters would vote for the Regions Party, 14.7% for BYT, 11.8% for Our Ukraine Bloc, 7.5% for the Ukrainian Communist Party, 4.5% for the People’s Defense by Yuri Lutsenko, 1.8% for the Progressive Socialist Party, 1% for the People Bloc by Litvin, 0.7% for the Socialist Party. Other political forces received insignificant support.

63.7% of the respondents support the idea of impeaching acting president Viktor Yushchenko. 27% oppose such initiative, 9.3% found it difficult to answer. At the same time, 56.8% believe that the extraordinary elections to the Ukrainian Supreme Rada are not needed now, 30.9% think the opposite, 12.3% found it difficult to answer


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