Yushchenko Declares War on Democracy President struggles to stay in power at all costs

Ukraine’s President, Viktor Yushchenko, faced with growing disillusionment in his administration, had indicated that he will, once again, dismiss Ukraine’s Parliament.

The announcement followed a decision by the President’s political faction Our Ukraine to withdraw from the governing coalition sparking a new round of political crisis in Ukraine.

The decision made yesterday comes as no surprise as Yushchenko has been actively undermining Ukraine’s democratically elected parliament since his election back in 2004.

The relationship between the President and the governing coalition came to a cross roads last month when the Office of The President attacked Ukraine’s Prime-Minister, Yulia Tymoshenko, making unsubstantiated allegations and accusations that the prime-minster has committed “high treason”.

The catalyst for the latest fall-out was the Prime-minister’s determination to not support the President’s call to arms over the recent Georgian/Russia conflict.

Cool heads have prevailed.

The decision of Yulia Tymoshenko to refrain from commenting on the crisis and not fueling dissent and conflict was a correct one. The making of rash decisions and irrationally placing blame on either side to the conflict without knowing the full facts would have only destabilized the region, dragging Ukraine into another Presidential manufactured crisis with global consequences.

Yushchenko has been planning his latest assault on Ukraine’s Parliamentary Democracy since last years election when his party Our Ukraine won less then 12% of the vote. His party has since declined in support to below 5% with opinion polls consistently indicting that Yushchenko is unable to win a second term.

No longer constrained by the 12 month constitutional limitation on the dismissal of Ukraine’s parliament, and hoping to capitalise on the regional conflict and unrest, Victor Yushchenko has falsely accused the Parliament of initiating a Coup D’etat and has threatened to dismiss the Parliament and call fresh elections.

The latest political crisis, in what is essentially an ongoing power struggle between the Office of the President and the peoples’ democratically elected Parliament, comes as the Parliament introduces amendments to the the Law on the Constitution of Ukraine seeking to establish proper checks and balances to prevent ongoing and continuing abuse from the Office of the President.

The current situation can not last and something has to give.

The relationship between the Office of the President and the government is irreconcilable, with the President undermining the efforts of the executive government at every step.

Earlier this year Yulia Tymoshenko bloc indicated their support for changes to Ukraine’s Constitution completing Ukraine’s transition away from soviet Presidential rule and implementing a full European style Parliamentary Democracy. A move that has the support of a constitutional majority of the Parliament, if only they could agree in the terms and detail of the proposed reform.

Yushchenko last year brought Ukraine close to the brink of civil unrest when he unconstitutionally dismissed the previous parliament and illegally interfered with the independence and operation of Ukraine’s Constitutional Court in order to prevent the Court from ruling against his decrees.

Faced once again with the possibility of losing power and control Viktor Yushchenko is prepared to throw Ukraine into another political crisis by sacking his second Parliament in as many years in order to prevent the Parliament from initiating change to Ukraine’s constitution.

Now is not the time to take such action.

A decision to dismiss Ukraine’s Parliament will once again lead to civil unrest and economic decline.

If Victor Yushchenko can not work with, or respect, the Parliamentary majority then he should tender his resignation and seek to renew his mandate and hold an early Presidential election without delay.


6 Responses to Yushchenko Declares War on Democracy President struggles to stay in power at all costs

  1. ukranianpolitics says:

    Long time no see ! but it seems I did not
    missed something last 20 months I did not followed things in Ukraine.

    and those stupid idiots in

    have not seen any light yet.

    Regards Tsenis

  2. UkrToday says:

    I agree with your sentiments. They have banned everyone that expressed an informed alternative/opposing opinion to their own and now all that is left are a few ill-informed commentariate.

    Thomas Martinez (USA) backed-up by the neo fascist “Nestor” (Disapra) are fighting with the rest.

    They are now divided between Yulia and Yushchenko camps. They forced Gene to quite. Nestor, when he gets in a tither, publishes nothing but abuse (Including anonymous deaths threats and sick sexualy implicit posts) and threatens to withdraw from particpating in the forum discussion but he is back there the next day. (Funny really how they reflect the real world in Ukraine at times).

    For-ua (dot) com went down hill following their ban on Angela (A very politically motivated attack on Free Speech by Thomas Martinez and co). They have also dropped off a lot from the Google search hits.

    The For-ua editorial policy is as bias and corrupt as always.(Note they do not publish the name and address of the editor or publisher, It is not a serious journal)

    I post comments on the Alternative For-UA forum and also on Foreign Notes (An excellent Blog on Ukraine) and read UNIAN news mainly (Most of the articles on For-ua are sourced from UNIAN anyway.

    Ukrayinska Pravda was attacked by Tomas (Yes Thomas Martinez Jr from Florida) and Nestor (who published under the name of Tryzub). Both were banned and have registered under a new name but Ukrainsya Pravada no longer publishes in English. I read it occasionally to practice my Russian.

    You are welcomed to publish comments on http://forua.wordpress.com (They have a much more tolerant policy to political debate without the obvious bias and abuse)

  3. ukranianpolitics says:

    Thanks for reply
    and update on the status.
    As for for-ua I told them long time ago that at the end it will be 4 or 5 of them exchanging stupid ideas but I could possibly imagine that they could even drive Gene out ! This is news

    As for Ukraine I do not follow close these days but although I have predicted what was going to happen more or less a coalition of Yulia with Yanakovitch was not in my thinking.

    By the way a good article here:

    If kyivpost allowed this article and Yulia has seen some light – thats good news for Ukraine

    I will follow your postings


  4. UkrToday says:

    Thanks, What is going on Ukraine now is a disgrace. The last election cost 100 Million dollars and what did they get for it.

    Yushchenko should have also gone to the polls last year BUT he would not risk the fall-out.
    Nothing has changed and arguably Ukraine is now worst off.

    I do not blame Yuliya, I blame Yushchenko. The sooner Yulia bites the bullet and breaks away from Yushchencko the better for all of Ukraine. Yushchencko is holding her back undermining her efforts at every turn.

    Her stance during the Georgian Crisis was the correct one and she has gained support for her actions.

    I hope that she can find accommodation with Party of Regions if only to revise the constitution and to get rid of Yushchencko. The sooner the better.

    Ukraine will be better off under a European Parliamentary System. The Presidential System has failed Ukraine dismally. Had Ukraine adopted a Parliamentary system from day one it would most likely be a member of a candidate country for the EU by now.

    Tom Martinez and Nestor do not represent Ukraine at all.

    Tomass doesnot really know Ukraine, he only visits for two weeks once or twice a year on a bride hunting trip. He has no idea of how governments work in a true democracy.

    Please do not give upon Ukraine.

    It is a great country (bez Yushchenko)

  5. ukranianpolitics says:

    Do not worry I do no give up Ukraine –
    I love the country and most of the people there – even my wife is from Donetsk –
    I just hate to see it wasted becouse of people like Yushenco and Co.

    What I mean is I do not follow the politics there so close that I can respond by posting etc.

    But now I am axcited again, there is a new window of oportunity for Ukraine if they (politicians) get the right message from events in Georgia.
    Also US administration change is very possible which will have some effect in Kiev too I believe.

  6. UkrToday says:


    You should checkout and contribute to the alternative For-UA web site

    Much more conducive to public debate and discussion on Ukraine.


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