Viktor Yushchenko kills off democracy in Ukraine Ukraine faces its third Parliamentary election in as many years

Viktor Yushchenko has dismissed Ukraine’s Parliament in what is a planned execution and power play in a battle of supremacy – President versus Parliament struggle for power.

Yushchenko has undermined Ukraine’s parliamentary system of governance from day one.

His latest attack on democratic values came minutes after the President meet leaders of the parliamentary factions.

In what was a calculated and deliberate blow to the “democratic alliance” and ideals portrayed by the Orange revolution Viktor Yushchenko’s party, Our Ukraine, exposed their true persona and colors. Yushchenko has turned on his former revolutionary comrade and previous supporter, Yulia Tymoshenko, and hammered in the last nail in the Orange Revolution’s coffin. There is no turning back and there will be no reunited push for change. As long as Yushchenko remains in office Ukraine will never be a true democratic state.

Link to Yushchenko’s pre-recorded speech (Russia Today)

A Case of the tail wagging the dog

Our Ukraine was the cause of the collapse of the Orange Coalition in 2006. At every stage they have acted to undermine Ukraine’s Parliamentary System

Viktor Yushchenko, who has less then 5% support in the public opinion polls, has pinned his colors to the mask and declared war on democracy.

A President in denial suffering from delusions of grandeur.

In an incredible display of self deceit Yushchenko tried to rewrite history and deny facts by claiming the he did not dismiss Ukraine’s Parliament in 2007.

On April 2 2007, Viktor Yushchenko unconstitutionally dismissed Ukraine’s democratically elected Parliament. In doing so he brought the country close to civil war, dividing and destabilizing the country like no other person in Ukraine’s short history of independence. In June 2007 he illegally interfered with the independence of Ukraine Constitutional Court to prevent the Court from ruling against his decree. To this day, following Yushchenko’s interference, the Constitutional Court has not ruled on the rights or wrong of the President’s actions.

Today’s announcement is a further power play and another attempt to undermine Ukraine’s economy and political stability. Ukraine is left to suffer and pay the cost of Yushchenko’s divisive action.

It is too early to say how the Parliament will react to this latest act of lunacy. Short term gains and self interests prevent Ukraine’s Parliamentary factions from uniting to defend democratic values and the nation itself.

If the polls are a true indication of voter’s intention then it will be back to square one. The President’s faction may yet pay the ultimate price as the electorate rejects Yushchenko’s latest ploy. It may abandon the political process, disillusioned and in despair. Ukraine could transit into anarchy, reminiscent of the Yeltsin years.

The Winter election comes at the worst time as Ukraine’s economy takes a beating along with the world following the collapse of the US financial system. A time when Ukraine needs stability first and foremost.

Fresh elections will not resolve the underlying structural issues facing Ukraine.

The likely outcome, as has been forewarned by many commentators is that Yushchenko may try an instigate a Presidential coup. If the current political crisis results in civil disobedience, as was the case last year, Yushchenko may use that as the excuse to declare a state of emergency and impose presidential rule. Should any united opposition to the President manifest itself the president will try and use force to assume control as was the case in Georgia earlier this year. It is unclear if the army will follow his orders or if they will side with the Parliament.

Yushchenko’s decision to prolong political instability in Ukraine has been a deliberate attempt to prevent Ukraine from taking decisive steps to limit the President’s power and adopt a European Parliamentary system of governance.

A majority of the Parliament supports Ukraine becoming a parliamentary democracy but they can not come together and remain united in order to bring about change. Yushchenko by dismissing the parliament hopes to prevent Ukraine from becoming a parliamentary democracy.

Without constitutional reform and limitations to presidential power Ukraine will continue to suffer political instability for many years to come. Irrespective of the outcome of the fresh election Ukraine will remain seriously divided with a loss of confidence in the democratic process and systems that bind a democratic nation.

Yushchenko has done more harm to prevent Ukraine’s European integration and democratic development then any person in the history of Ukraine.

If anybody should be facing the people of Ukraine it should be the President not the Parliament.


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