Election to be a referendum on the President and his polices of divisonYushchenko hammers in the last nail into the Orange Revolution’s coffin

“The Democratic Coalition in name alone was destroyed by one thing – by human ambition. By the human ambition of a single person. By thirst for power, divergence of values, priority of personal interests over national interests.”

The coalition agreement and coalition concords are destroyed, economic reforms are not conducted, election-aimed calculations transformed into lust for presidential absolute power that yielded the highest inflation rates in Europe and deterioration of social standards – wages, retirement payments and many other social programs.

Block of Yulia Tymoshenko and Ukraine’s Parliamentary government have become hostage to the President. Yushchenko is ready to sacrifice everything: language, security, European integration in order to cling on to power.

Last night Viktor Yushchenko sacrificed the idealism and faith of those that supported his election and the Orange revolution. His party Our Ukraine have betrayed that revolution and Ukraine’s quest for democratic values. They were the party that caused the collapse of the Orange coalition in 2006. Last night Vicktor Yushchenko hammered in the last nail in the Orange revolution’s coffin and democracy in Ukraine.

Victor Yushchenko would not listen or share the belief of a majority of Ukrainians who want honest and democratic government. He has clung on to the past and struggled to hold on to soviet presidential authoritarian rule as opposed to embracing European values and a system of Parliamentary democracy in line with other European States. He has put his own personal interests and lust for power ahead of the long term democratic interests of Ukraine.

Instead of facing the people of Ukraine himself, instead of seeking to renew his fledgling mandate Victor Yushchenko has for the second time dismissed Ukraine’s Parliament.

The Elections which have been called for in December, the on set of winter, further undermine Ukraine’s economic development. At a time when the world is facing financial challanges as a result of the collapse of the United States financial system, Ukraine needs stable governance.

The election scheduled for December 7, will become a referendum on Yushchenko and Ukraine’s future direction. It can decide to forgo all democratic reforms and revert back to a soviet dictatorship under Presidential authority or it can embrace a European Parliamentary democracy.

The results of the election are unlikely to change but support for Yushchenko will cease. His term and effectiveness of leader of Ukraine will have come to an end.

The parliament and people of Ukraine must call for Yushchenko’s resignation or seek his impeachment. As long as Yushchenko remains in Office Ukraine will never be a democratic state holding true European democratic values.

The divisons and personal power struggle of the President must come to an end. Ukraine needs to send a clear message that Yushenko’s personal ambitions are not in Ukraine’s best interest. Ukraine must vote against the President, his Party Nasha Ukraina (Our Ukraine) and any supporter of the President.


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