Yushchenko threatens expulsion of Members of Parliament who supported the reformation and stability of Ukraine’s governing coalition

In a surprise attack on Ukraine’s democratic process Viktor Yushchenko, Ukraine’s beleaguered President, is seeking revenge on those members of his party that supported the reformation of the so called democratic coalition.

Ukraine needs more then anything political stability to help weather the worst of the current economic crisis. Instead of helping to restore stability,Victor Yushchenko is trying to pull it apart.

Ukraine has suffered political instability since the forced reelection of Ukraine’s Parliament in September 2007 elections. Victor Yushchenko and members of his staff pulled out of the governing coalition in September this year with the President seeking to call another round of Ukraine’s parliamentary ballot. The destabilisation of Ukraine’s political governance has taken its toll on Ukraine’s economy with Ukraine suffering from the global financial crisis more then any other country in the region. Ukraine’s currency has been devalued and is now trading at around 9 hryvnia to the US Dollar 40% lower then before the latest political crisis.

Yesterday members of Our Ukraine and the People’s self Defence fraction(NUNS) voted 37 out of 72 to restore stability and reform the governing coalition to help fight the current economic collapse in doing rejecting the direction and wishes of Ukraine’s President.

Victor Yushchenko expressed concern that the lawmakers, who supported the reformation of the governing coalition will be expelled from the party forcing then out of the Parliament.

“Next week we will hold a second stage of the party session, and I’m confident that the session will determine its position concerning the people who supported the coalition contrary to the decision of the party, [will decide] how to expel these people from the list of members of parliament. Any political force would do so”, Victor Yushchenko said. “It’s a good process, a process of purification.”

Yesterday 37 out of 72 members of Our Ukraine – People’s Self-Defense party faction supported formation of the parliamentary coalition with the Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko and the Lytvyn’s Bloc.

Oblivious as to the effect Ukraine’s political crisis is having on the economy, Victor Yushchenko in commenting on the decision to restore stability to the government said “it (The reformed coalition) is even more shameful”.

Nothing can be further from the truth. If anything the acts of the President in his desperate attempt to destroy the governing coalition that brings not only shame but hardship on the Ukrainian people. Yushchenko has lost all respect and if he continues down this path of destruction he will have to be removed from office. It would be best of all if he just resigned and handed over the reigns to someone who is capable of establishing confidence, law and order. The President’s term of office expires next year.


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