WHO under the microscope. Pigs can fly

The World Health Organisation (WHO) may have a few questions to answer following last weeks International Swine Flue scare which threw the world into a squeal and Airports turned into the first line of defense as Pigs came under the microscope.

The alarm bells were rung costing billions of dollars in lost productivity and billions in government expenditure with poorer nations, such as Ukraine, being the hardest hit on a per capita basis.

Millions of live stock producers where effected as the world turned a pandemic into pandemonia.

Whilst WHO are cautious not to say that the Swine flue scare is over there are already reports of a world government back down with announcements that the Swine Flue alarm my not be as server as first claimed. It looks as though the flue epidemic may be no worst then your common garden variety of Flue which infects millions of people every season and in the past would not have been identified or may have gone unreported.

This of course is no help or little comfort to those pigs who had lost their lives and farmers who had lost livestock as the world reacted to the WHO alert. There will be many issues raised and reviews undertaken to determine exactly what happened when and how the international community copped in its reaction to the alarm. One wonder what would happen to Ukraine should a real verial strain of a virus hit Ukraine. Ukraine’s main natural line of defense is its Winter of course but one can not help think that mountain of garbage that has began to litter the country and its cities.

The epidemic crisis was not helped by a President seeking to place all blame and responsibility on his political enemies whilst hand balling any responsibility, which is what Viktor Yuschenko had done. Maybe Yushchenko would be better off placing his energy in getting Ukrainian authorities to start cleaning up the Country as a visit to Ukraine is at times like visiting a garbage dump (literally).

The pig flue did manage to achieve one thing. It bumped the economy off the front page for page and allowed world leaders to talk about something else as opposed to the sharp decline into world recession.

It also was a boom for the pharmaceutical companies who had to step up production to meet expected demand.

In the end it my be a case of WHO cried wolf or just a pig in a poke.


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