Opinion of the Venice Commission was expounded specially for Yushchenko… so that not to lay a bad trip on him

“Themain goal of the new Constitution of Yushchenko is to implement anoligarchic mode in Ukraine”,- stated MP from BYuT faction VALERIYPYSARENKO making a comment on the draft law amending the Constitutionpresented by Viktor Yushchenko for the estimation Venice commission ofCouncil of Euorope.
Accordingto MP, Yushchenko’s team is telling a kind and beautiful fairytale forthe whole country that the Commission has positively estimated thePresident’s draft law. In truth the commission is severe on the mainproposals of the Constitution of Yushchenko which are related to thestate system of Ukraine and people will expression.
“ThePresident’s team cancels all democratic grounds which were defended andprotected by Viktor Yushchenko in 2004. A retinue doesn’t want todisappoint their king so the opinion of  the Venice Commission wasspecially expounded in Ukraine for the President”, – noted MP.

“According to the draft law amending the Constitution of Ukrainepresented by the President all state authorities will be separatedbetween him and the parliament pretended a senate, which practicallywill be a knot of oligarchs. The composition of the parliament willdecrease up to 83 members who will definitely find an opportunity toseparate the country. And namely between these people and ex-presidentsas well all state powers will be separated. And Viktor Yushchenko willget both a life-time Senate parliamentary and inviolability”, – statedparliamentarian.

InPYSARENKO’S opinion a draft law “On Making Amendments to theConstitution of Ukraine”, made by President Viktor Yushchenko has nochances to be approved in the parliament, that’s why there is a risk ofconstitutional revolution.

“Blocof Yulia Tymoshenko doesn’t support a draft law on the newConstitution. I think that Yushchenko’s dreams about an unlimited powerwill remain as his pink dreams forever”, – summed up PYSARENKO.pinion on the draft law of Ukraine amending the Constitution presented by the President of Ukraine


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