Poll: President’s Party Biggest Losers

The Research and Branding opinion poll indicates that had fresh parliamentary elections been held last week Viktor Yushchenko’s party “Our Ukraine-Peoples Self-Defense bloc” would receive less then 3% support and lose representation with the overall reduction in the number of seats flowing on to Arseniy Yatseniuk’s “Front for Change” party and an increase in the number of seats allocated to Party of Regions and Bloc Lytvyn with a further loss of seats allocated to Bloc Yulia Tymoshenko and one seat reduction to the Communist Party of Ukraine. The poll reflects much the same overall voting pattern as the presidential poll.

Joint parliamentary and presidential elections are unlikely to occur. As of July 23 Yushchenko has lost authority to dismiss Ukraine’s parliament and looks set to lose all power at the next election.

Candidate Party Parliament Election 2006 Parliament Election 2007 Research & Branding Group
Date from 26-Mar-06 30-Sep-07 04-Aug-09
Date To 14-Aug-09
Link % Seats % Seats % Seats *
Party of regions PoR 32.1 186 34.4 175 29.3 209
Bloc Yulia Tymoshenko BYuT 22.3 129 30.7 156 15.5 111
Bloc Arseniy Yatsenyuk Y-Front 10.6 76
Bloc Lytvyn BL 2.4 4.0 20 3.9 28
Communist Party of Ukraine CPU 3.7 21 5.4 27 3.7 26
Our Ukraine-Peoples Self Defence OU-PSD 14.0 81 14.2 72
Socialist Party of Ukraine SPU 5.7 33 2.9
Others <3% 19.8 5.7 6.9
Against all 2.7 10.8
Not going to vote 9.8
Not sure 9.5
sum 100.0 450 100.0 450 100.0 450

* notional seat allocation


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