The shaping of battle plans as the campaign begins to take some form

proUA has published a balanced assessment of the various Presidential campaign organisational structure. It is a little light on Yushchenko’s campaign which lacks momentum and support. He is still in the low single digits and will not survive the first round of voting let alone a second round ballot.

The proUA article provides a good insight into the problems facing Yatseniuk’s failure to gain traction with Yushchenko giving the winning edge to Yanukovych.
Yushchenko’s campaign does play a role be it negative in the the outcome. Both Yatseniuk and Yushchenko are battling for the same small segment of voters, each taking away from each other. We suspect that as the campaign progresses one of the other will have to fold in order to not sink each other chances of survival.

Its still early days and as they say two weeks is a long time in politics and Ukraine has over 4 months to Election day and seven weeks outstanding to the official campaign period.


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