Tilt: Game over? Yushchenko suffers another loss of confidence

September 10, 2009

Not a day goes by when Ukraine’s embattled incumbent President Viktor Yushchenko’s chances of being re-elected to a second term of office diminishes.

The latest blow to Yushchenko’s hopes and desires on the eve of the Presidential campaign comes with the announcement that the leader of the People’s Self-Defense Civil Movement, Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko, has backed Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko’s candidature to become Ukraine’s next President.

Less then two years ago Lutsenko’s Peoples’ Self-Defence Party joined forces with Our Ukraine to support Yushchenko during the 2007 Parliamentary ballot.

Clearly Lutsenko has come to the realisation that Yushchenko is no longer a viable candidate worthy of support.

It’s game over. The odds are against Yushchenko. With no support beyond his own immediate family and a divided party Yushchenko has no hope of surviving the first round of voting and will undoubtedly also lose his deposit.

He should face facts and resign now and leave office with what little dignity he can muster.