Yushchenko is trying to disrupt the elections – Turchynov

September 19, 2009

Zik.com.ua reports that Viktor Yushchenko is seeking to disrupt the holding of Presidential elections in 2010 in order to cling on to power beyond his five year term of office. Yushchenko whose rating is less then 4% is expected to lose in the first round of voting.

First Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Turchinov, a former ally of yushenko and member of bloc Yulia Tymsochenko has stated that “Yushchenko and his associates hope that the elections would be disrupted. This is not only the hope that they will be able to block or veto the adoption of the budget

Yushchenko is trying to disrupt the elections, not only by blocking the budget, but also by appealing to the Constitutional Court to rule unconstitutional the election law – this is his last hope to remain in office.

Amidst concern that the Constitutional Court will make a ruling not based on law but under the instruction of the president, Turchinov has advised that any decision to derail the elections would be strongly opposed with 430-440 deputies determined to see that the presidential elections take place as scheduled.

Turchinov has warned the Constitutional court that it must not be bias in its determination and must act independently without pressure from the President.

Already the Constitutional Court has indicated that it would not be ruling on the President’s decree before October. Any attempt to declare the Presidential elections unlawful could result on a complete collapse of public confidence.