Presidential elections to cost more then 3.5 times 2007 elections

Ukraine’s Central Electoral Commission (CEC) has reported that it will spend 1.27 billion hryvina to hold the next Presidential election at an approximate cost of 36 hryvina per registered voter. By comparison the costs of the 2007 Parliamentary election was 10 hryvina per voter. 36.582 million voters are registered to vote including 390,000 which are located abroad in foreign countries. The CEC has indicted that the electoral roll is of high quality and has been prepared with the assistance of the OSCE.

Party of Regions has expressed concern that the number of registered voters in the south east of Ukraine is less then in 2007 whilst the percentage of voters registered in Western Ukraine has increased. Overall there is 400,000 less voters registered now then in 2007.

Concern was also expressed about the recent decree of the President that requires regional state administrations to promote Yushchenko’s version of admendments to Ukraine’s constitution. Party of regions has hinted that they will apply to Ukraine’s Constitutional Court to have them review the President’s decree as they considered it to be inappropriate use of public resources for what is essentially electioneering propaganda.


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