Presidential election time table

Ukraine’s Central Election Commission (CEC) has published the time table for the Presidential election

  • October 19: Official 90 day Election Campaign  period commences
  • October 20 to November 6: Nominations open
  • November 9: Deadline for nomination documents/submissions
  •      CEC has five days to assess and approve or reject nominations
  • November 11: Deadline for candidates to submit any corrections to documentation
  • November 13: CEC to finalise registration of nominations
  • November 15: CEC to publish nomination lists of candidates
  •      CEC provides certified copies of the voters list to all candidates.
  •      Within Three days of registration Candidates must provide a statement of assets and income
  •      Candidates allowed to commence official campaign one day after registration is finalised.
  • December 15: CEC to approve ballot paper format ready for printing.
  • January 2: Last day for public opinion polls to be published prior to election.
  • January 9: All ballot papers to be printed and ready for distribution to polling stations/districts.
  • January 15: Last day of public campaigning before polling day
  • January 17: Election Polling commences 8AM and closes 10PM

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