Yushchenko’s allegations: Under investigation Agent Orange Poisoning

Source Russia Today.

The evidence of the 2004 poisoning of the Ukrainian President was falsified by high-ranking officials and Viktor Yushchenko’s family members, a representative of Ukraine’s Prosecutor General’s Office has said.

Larisa Cherednichenko, the head of the department for supervision of investigations into criminal cases of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office, was working for the parliamentary commission looking into the circumstances surrounding the alleged poisoning.

The findings add yet another twist to the mysterious story that’s been puzzling many for five years.

Foreign Notes reports on an article published by Ukrainian Pravda which includes an transcript of the alleged telephone conversation.

Two questions stand out “Who was recording the conversation and why? and why was the blood sample routed to the Netherlands (Holland) via the USA?”

Previous report

Source Russia Today (27 September 2009)


One Response to Yushchenko’s allegations: Under investigation Agent Orange Poisoning

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