Poll: Research and Branding Presidential Election (October 2009)


Source: Research and Branding


The Research & Branding Groupconducted the survey due to evaluate the population’s attitudes to theactual issues of the socio-political life of Ukraine. Informationcollection were done by personal interview method in 24 oblasts ofUkraine and Crimea. Respondents were selected by quota sample, representing the state’s adult population by place of residence (oblast), sex and age. The volume of the sample – 3119 persons. Expecting middle sample’s error  ±2,2%.

CommentThis poll is incomplete as only 69.90% is accounted for. (Missing 30.10% could be others, unknown, against all, will not vote)  Research and Branding did not published expectations on the outcome of a run-off between Yanukovych and Tymoshenko. Based on other polls which have been consistent Yanukovych is still in poll position with an expected participation rate of 85%

Update: UNIAN is reporting: Against all 9.4%, 6.0% will not vote and 11.2 were undecided. (26.6% leaving a shortfall of 3.5% and a high partipation rate of 90 to 94%)  

Previous Research and Branding poll comparison table

Candidate October August Swing
V. Yanukovich 30.20% 26.0% +4.2%
Y. Timoshenko 18.50% 16.5% +2.0%
A. Yatsenyuk 8.90% 12.6% -3.7%
P. Simonenko 4.10% 3.5% +0.6%
V. Yuschenko 3.10% 2.0% +1.1%
S. Tigipko 2.70%
V. Litvin 2.40% 4.2% -1.8%

3 Responses to Poll: Research and Branding Presidential Election (October 2009)

  1. Yorga says:

    At this point in time, I almost wish that anybody-even Yanu get enough support to win in the first round. Even though the election is not until Jan, I'm totally "electioned out" and I'm sure the majority in UA share that view. What is needed is stability-not protracted infighting and squabbles. I'm hopefull that the business wing of the PR will keep Yanu on the straight and narrow path. Most people in UA-including most of the PR realize that the long term future is with EU and NOT Russia. We can't change the fact Russia is our neighbour, and there must be mutual respect and cooperation, but the EU market is substantially greater than Russia's and as is the potential. The problem was, is and probably will always be, is that Russia seems incapable of treating any neighbour with respect. To borrow a phrase from Churchill "they are either at your throat or grovelling at your feet"

  2. Anonymous says:

    well you can blame that one on Yushchenko also. Yulia and co wanted to have the President elected by a constitutional majority of the the Parliament as is the case in Moldova and Greece.They also wanted to hoild the election on October 25 But Yushchenko wanted to cling on to office for three extra months and force Ukraine to hold the election in the midst of Ukraine's bitter cold Winter.Personally I do not care who is elected President. The President should not hold power. Power should be in the hands of the parliament.The main thing is that Yushchenko is replaced. he is the problem not the solution

  3. UkrToday says:

    The other option of course is for Ukraine to adopt a single round preferential voting system. Results would be the same as the two round presidential voting system but at half the costs and results known in days not months. Take your pick.

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