Poll: Research and Branding October 12-22


Source: Research and Branding
and Kyiv Post

The Research & Branding Groupconducted the survey due to evaluate the population’s attitudes to theactual issues of the socio-political life of Ukraine. Informationcollection were done by personal interview method in 24 oblasts ofUkraine and Crimea. Respondents were selected by quota sample, representing the state’s adult population by place of residence (oblast), sex and age. The volume of the sample – 3118 persons. Expecting middle sample’s error ±2,2%.

If Yanukovych and Tymoshenko had participated in the run-off, they would have received 41.9% and 29.8% of the vote respectively

Previous Research and Branding poll comparison table

Candidate October August Swing
V. Yanukovich 31.00% 26.0% +4.0%
Y. Timoshenko 18.40% 16.5% +2.1%
A. Yatsenyuk 9.60% 12.6% -3.0%
P. Simonenko 3.50% 3.5% +0.0%
V. Yuschenko 3.50% 2.0% +1.5%
S. Tigipko 3.60%
V. Litvin 2.30% 4.2% -1.9%

3% would have voted for other presidential candidates. 
9.6% are ready to vote against all candidates 
6.8% said they would not go to polling stations, and 
9% were undecided.


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