Poll: Yanukovych set to win in second round

50 days to go and Yanukovych is set to win the second round of voting with over 50% of the vote

According to the lastest Research and Branding electoral poll also published on KyivPost

Under Ukraine’s flawed first-past-the-post voting system only the two highest polling candidates progress to the second round of voting. Yushchenko still remains the biggest loser stuck on 3.5% Lytvyn is holding ground doubling his last months rating. Yatseniuk is dropping by the week but still remains in third place ten percentage points below Tymoshenko.

On a  two candidate preferred basis Yanukovych is on 47.4% to Tymoshenko 28.1%   – adjusted for the expected turn out (87%) Yanukovych wins over 50% of the vote

Candidate Nov Oct Swing
V. Yanukovich 32.40% 31.00% 1.4%
Y. Timoshenko 16.30% 18.40% -2.1%
A. Yatsenyuk 6.10% 9.60% -3.5%
V. Litvin 4.50% 2.30% 2.2%
S. Tigipko 4.40% 3.50% 0.9%
P. Simonenko 3.80% 3.50% 0.3%
V. Yuschenko 3.50% 3.50% 0.0%

At a cost of over 1 billion dollars Ukraine would have been much better off if the parliament had elected the next head of state.  Another failure of Yushchenko.


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