Three weeks left to Ukraine’s Carnivale before the big audition

December 27, 2009

Another week and little change expectations.  The deadline withdrawal from the ballot has expired and ballot papers are being printed in prepared for the big event.

January 2 is the last day for public opinion polls to be published. As the campaign moves into it’s last phase. The tent will be set-up and the side show of attraction to the man on the street opens its doors.

It is a bitter cold winter The Orthodox Christmas is on January 7 and the old New year 7 days following on January 14. and the election day audition three days after that.

Viktor Yushchenko is trying to  oust Yatseniuk from running in a desperate attempt to bolster his fledgling support, even thou Yatseniuk has better chance of being elected then  Yushchenko who remains the most despised President in Ukraine’s modern history.