Poll: Yushchenko set to fall from tree

Interfax is reporting a poll conducted by FOM-Ukraine.

The poll shows that there will be a run-off ballot between Viktor Yanukovych and Yulia Tymoshenko.  More importantly it confirms that incumbent president, Viktor Yushchenko, is set to fall off the political tree even though Yuschenko himself thinks he is ripe and fit to make an Orange vodka cocktail but vote-rigging will prevent him from being elected.

Yuschenko’s support was so low it did not even register in the published list. It would have to be the biggest vote fraud in history if he thinks he can bounce back from less then 3%.

Candidate Percentage
Yanukovych 28.5%
Tymoshenko 14.4%
Tigipko 6.0%
Yatseniuk 6.0%
Symonenko 4.8%
Lytvyn 3.2%
Others 7.1%
Will not vote 5.9%
Against All 8.5%
Undecided 15.6%
sum 100.0%

The poll of 1,000 with an estimated error rate of 3.5% was conducted between December 17 and December 22.


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