Tymoshenko bursts into tears and refuses to participate in the final parade.

This latest gaff of Tymoshenko’s has ruled her out of contention.  Three days before the final parade the clown will not go on. Instead of facing the audience she has walked off the set.  She can not make a comeback and may even have to give up her role in the other show.

There is no logic or justification for the primadonna stunt she has tried to pull other then the fact that she knows she can not win.

Even Yushchenko who was in a unwinnable position from  the start did not admit defeat before the first round ballot.
The Presidential circus parade  has cost over one billion dollars to stage.

Yanukovych was criticized for not participating in the the lead up parade and now Tymoshenko is refusing to go on and participate in the final parade.  She did the same thing in Ternopil when she pulled out of that race.

In the process she has betrayed not only those who supported her but Ukraine.  She will not be able to recover from this latest disaster. And any hope of a revival or principle stance has gone.  I doubt if she can even remain as Prime-minister for long.  All Ukraine can do now is hope that Yanukovych puts the interest of Ukraine ahead of his own.  With surrender come humiliation and defeat


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