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We welcome and encourage serious debate and discussion about Ukrainian politics, current affairs and issues about Ukraine.

Informatation published on the site is can also be found at http://ukrainetoday.blogspot.com

Orther wordpress sites on Ukraine of interest we recommend include


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  1. bieksia says:

    Congratulations on the creation of an interesiting and very informative Blog. Although I am not Of Ukrainian blood I share a deep conscern for the people of the Ukraine and their future. I am of Lithuanian and Slovak heritage. Both of my people as others share in the same admiration of the people of the Ukaraine. There is an interesting dialog occurring on a Lithuanian (English) Blog which addresses the impossible prospects of Russia offering an apology to Lithuania for atrocities. I have already breifly reminded visitors at that Blog (not mine) of the Ukraine and the terrible price they have already paid for Russian aggression. Just wanted to draw your attention to the dialog. This is a matter in which the voice of Ukrainians should and MUST be heard!

    Here is the link to the ‘Discussion’



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