Yatseniuk under pressure to withdraw from race to bolster Yushchenko’s support

December 20, 2009

Yushchenko is applying the pressure to have Yatseniuk pull out of the presidential race. Even though Yatseniuk has better chances of surviving the election then Yushchenko.

Yushchenko yesterday called on the Ukrainian “Democrats” to support a single candidate for president.

The Forum of Ukrainian Nationalists has addressed to presidential candidates Oleh Tiahnybok, Yuriy Kostenko and Arseniy Yatseniuk to withdraw their candidates in favor Viktor Yuschenko.

Yesterday Yatseniuk stated that he would not withdraw from the race. Nor should he. Yushchenko has a lower support rating then Yatseniuk
All the polls say that Yushchenko is not able to win a contest against Yanukovych. Ukrainians no longer trust or respect him. It would make more sense if Yushchenko resigned and offered his support to Yatseniuk.

Meanwhile Yulia Tymoshenko is thinking on similar lines “All our democratic candidates, who will participate in the first roundif they are so eager to do this… In the second round, I am sure thatYanukovych will be there, I would ask all them to unite and support asingle candidate from the democratic sector, to oppose the loomingevil, which is already hanging over Ukraine,” she said.


Who is who in the Circus of clowns: Arseniy Yatseniuk

November 13, 2009

Kyiv Post profile of performers

At age 35, Yatseniuk boasts more experience than many of Ukraine’s presidential candidates. Along with partners, Yatseniuk launched his Yurek Ltd. legal services firm before even completing his law degree from Chernivtsi University. In the late 1990, he moved to Kyiv to work in banking. Following a stint as economy minister of Crimea, Yatseniuk in 2003 was appointed first deputy chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine. After leaving the central bank, Yatseniuk served as deputy governor of Odesa Oblast until September 2005. He next served as economy minister under former prime minister Yuriy Yekhanurov, deputy head of the presidential office in 2006 and foreign minister in 2007. He briefly served as parliament speaker after snap elections in September 2007.