Back to the future: Yanukovych set to win – Official Result start to trickle in.

February 7, 2010

 Exit Polls have already called the election not the official results are confirming what we all know.  Yanukovych to be Ukraine’s next President.  Yanukovych is expected to exceed the 50% margin with a Comfortable lead.

Live results now posted on Virtual Election map

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Early Exit Polls are predicting 5% to 8% win to Yanukovych as expected.

February 7, 2010

Inter Tv is reporting Yanukovych winning by a margin of 5-8%  Which is the margin we have predicted all along.  Official data is expected to start coming in in the next hour.


Interfax-Ukraine exit poll: Yanukovych leads among voters in Kyiv, regional capitals
Today at 20:32 | Interfax-Ukraine  Kyivpost

Victor Yanukovych is leading among voters in regional capitals and thecities of Kyiv and Sevastopol, according to an exit poll conducted byInterfax-Ukraine reporters on site at polling stations.

According to the poll, Yanukovych received 51% of votes, whileTymoshenko got 41% with 8% votes against both presidential candidates.

A total of 3,100 people took part in the poll in 23 regional capitals, and the cities of Kyiv and Sevastopol.

National Exit Poll: Yanukovych has been elected the next Ukraine’s president

Today at 19:56 | Staff reports Kyiv Post


National Exit Poll 2010 found that 48.7 percent of voters chose Yanukovych, the Party of Regions leader.

Incumbent prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko finished close with 45.5percent of the vote, according to the exit poll. The DemocraticInitiatives’ National Exit Poll is a single Western-funded poll and isconsidered to be the most independent of all.

Judgement day – Let the poll begin

February 7, 2010

Ukraine goes to the polls today. Voting had commenced first in Australia and then Japan as it sweept the globe, the Russian continent and Asia.  Next comes Ukraine where the bulk of the votes will be cast followed by Poland, Turkey, Europe, England then Canada and the USA.

Polling opens 8:00AM and closes 6:00PM (Local time)

Exit polls giving an indication of the first results are expected to be released by 8:00PM

The Circus Parade Finale – Revolution II the other side – Ukraine’s Blue Movie

February 7, 2010

It may be frustrating and at times boring but the Ukrainian 2010 Presidential parade never ceases to amaze. Ever since 2004 when Viktor Yushchenko was crowned head clown in a blaze of orange the world has look on and watched a state it its making.  More exciting the formation of galaxies or the explosion of a quasar star and the birth of a black hole.  Viktor Yushchenko who once held the support of 52% of the nation lost in the first round elimination parade and only managed to secure 5.45% support. A team of would be spoiler candidates stood against him making sure he would not be a final contender.

Yulia Tymoshenko, Ukraine’s Prime Minister and version of Evita “Don’t die for me Ukrainiana”  versus Viktor Yanukovych,  back to the future “return of the dark horse villain”.

Most Cossackwood watchers and critics  have already awarded the event to the “Dark horse” who has odds less then  three to one.  Even the attention seeking antics of Ukraine’s own  version of Evita have not managed to sway the critics to support her plea for recognition.

By this time tomorrow (8:00PM) we will know who has won. Will there be a sequel to the Orange revolution II with its theme song Dances with Wolves or will it be Road kill and squashed orange juice at the dinner on the maidan with Cossack dances jumping for joy at the rebirth of Yul Brynner’s career – Ukraine’s version of the President and I mixed with  a touch of “Taras Bulba

Already the supporters of the main performers are staking strategic positions to underpin their Viktory or protests along the cat walk.  The attack of the blue berries will not be outdone by the rotten oranges as the fruit cocktail recipes are brought to market.

The only winner in this parade of circus clown is the media who have never been denied an angle or a story to write about. The beginning of the end, the start of World War III, Armageddon and Babylon all rolled into one.

Sit back relax and watch the events unfold as the sporting night of the black sky dawns. We will be bringing you the all-Ukrainian judges judgement day,  virtual reality live results as they are unfolded and are published, translated and republished on our updated electronic tally board “voters map”

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Polish president condemns Yushchenko’s Ukrainian nationalist leader’s heroization

February 5, 2010

Source: ForUA

Polish President Lech Kaczynski has said adecree by outgoing Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko to declareStepan Bandera, whom many see as a Nazi collaborator during WWII, anational hero, runs contrary to the historical truth

Bandera was a leader of the Ukrainian national movement in WesternUkraine and headed the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) in1941-1959. The Soviet authorities accused him of numerous acts ofmurder and terrorism and authorized his assassination by the KGB inMunich, Germany, on October 15, 1959.

“An estimate of activities of the Organization of UkrainianNationalists and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army is categorically negativein Poland,” Kaczynski said in a statement.
He said the OUN and the UIA “carried out large-scale massacres” ofthe Polish people in eastern territories of the former Rech Pospolita,and “more than 100,000 Poles died just because they were Poles. “Thesekillings raise unambiguous protest in Polish society,” he said.

“The Ukrainian president’s latest actions are aimed against theprocess of historical dialogue and reconciliation. Current politicalinterests defeated the historical truth,” the president added.
Previously, Yushchenko awarded the Hero of Ukraine title to another leader of Ukrainian nationalists, Roman Shukhevych.

The Party of Regions Statement: Yulia Tymoshenko is Lying about the Election Law

February 4, 2010

4.02.2010, 09:54

The hysterical statement by Tymoshenko on claiming that yesterdayactions by Verkhovna Rada to amend the election laws to protect theright to vote are undemocratic and undermine the integrity of theelections is outright deceitful.

Thelegislation passed by the Verkhovna Rada yesterday was submitted on the27th of January and was meant to fix a deficiency in the currentelection law regarding the organization and operations of the DistrictElection Commissions (DECs) and Precinct Election Commissions (PECs).Under current law there is a 2/3 quorum requirement for the PECs andDECs to function, including opening the polls on election day andcounting the ballots. In the Second Round of a Presidential election,each of the two candidates proposes 50% of the members of the DECs andPECs. This allows one of the parties to undermine the process bydenying a quorum. The Second Round of the Presidential election is theonly election where this is possible because in all other elections thecomposition of the committees is made up of representatives of allparticipating parties or candidates. No party in these other electionsis in a position, by itself, to deny a quorum.

The currentelection law does not provide for situations where one party’srepresentatives do not appear at designated times to open the polls orcount the ballots. In these situations, the PECs can be viewed to betechnically prohibited from opening the polls or counting the ballotsfor lack of a quorum.

The legislation passed by the VerkhovnaRada on February 3 deals with this deficiency by creating a mechanismthat will ensure a quorum and allow the people to vote and the ballotsto be counted.

The only situation in which the new amendmentcomes into effect is where one party denies a quorum by withholding itsrepresentatives from the work of the PECs or DECS.

In factthis happened in several oblasts this week. In Odessa, Donetsk andCrimea, BYUT representatives were absent at DEC meetings called toorganize the Sunday elections.

The intent and impact of this legislation is solely to protect democracy and the right of the people to be heard.

Tymoshenkounderstands this and is deliberately lying about the impact and intentof the legislation in order to deceive the people and the internationalcommunity. Her baseless threats to disrupt the election are a cover forthe fact that she knows she is going to lose decisively on Sunday andthus is trying to discredit the election process for the Second Round.

Thisis consistent with her behavior in the First Round when she promotedbogus exit polls, and claimed massive fraud where none existed.

Shecan avoid any impact of the new law by simply having her people show upat the DEC and PEC meetings and do their legally mandated jobs.

Statement by Yulia Tymoshenko regarding changes to presidential election law

February 4, 2010

Dear compatriots!

Several hour ago an extraordinary events took place in theVerkhovna Rada. Three days to the elections, the presidential electionlaw was amended, thus fully destroying the presidential elections –making them fraudulent, dishonest and uncontrollable.

This was done because Yanukovych doesn’t believe in his victory, and wants to achieve this result only through fraud.

Until these unacceptable changes were made, election commissionswere formed on a parity principle – half of the commission representingYanukovych, and the other half me. And this gave hope that the resultswould be monitored and controlled.

However, the amendments to the law, which were made in violation ofall parliamentary rules, essentially destroyed parliamentarism andequal control over the elections. And now, according to this law,members of election commissions can be kicked out without a courtruling and the commissions can be comprised of members from only onecandidate

I believe this threatens the elections and completely destroysdemocracy in the state. This destroys the choice the people must makein the presidential elections.

I will now take extraordinary measures. First of all, I will askthe President of Ukraine – if he feels that he is the guarantor of theConstitution, and that he is responsible for the continuation ofdemocracy in our state – to veto this law immediately. If he does notveto it, then I will assume that the President is a party in all theongoing processes to destroy honest elections.

I have invited the G-8 ambassadors to a meeting in several hours.Tomorrow I will invite all ambassadors here in Ukraine to inform themthat once the law is signed, elections don’t exist, they have nomeaning, because everything, every figure, will be falsified. TomorrowI will also hold a press conference for representatives of foreignmedia.

I want the whole world to know who is destroying Ukraine’s youngdemocracy. I want the whole world to know that the end has come tohonest elections in Ukraine. I want the world, all organizations anddemocratically-minded individuals in our country to make theirassessment.

I will fight for the previous version of the law to remain in force, and for elections to take place in Ukraine.